Setting Up A Safe Wireless Router

192.168.l.l is a private IP address that is generally used by routers as the default IP address. As used by most manufacturers as a standard, there is a good chance of conflicts. This is due to the fact that several network devices such as routers from the same manufacturer are connected to the customization network. This IP address is found in certain address areas, which can be used as private Internet.

So how do you know the MAC address of the WLAN card from the computer you are using? It’s very easy! Open a command editor of cmd at Startup -> Run window. Then type ipconfig / all.From the exit, look for your name from the wireless card and you will see the MAC address after a few lines.

We just let DHCP run the work for us. Connect the two with an Ethernet cable and restart. DHCP will automatically assign an IP address to the computer, which will allow to connect the router.

An IP address also attached as a subnet mask to the end of it. For example, one with a subnet mask like this. The purpose of the subnet mask is to let you know which part of the IP address belongs to the network and which part belongs to the hosts. This can be a way of comparing with the codes of the region when someone calls the phone number.

But, as the convenience can be its disadvantages. In fact, very dangerous. Imagine a foreigner who is a place close to home the choice, found your wireless home network and connect to your wireless home network. Now you can use the Internet free of charge or information can be free of charge from your computer. The stranger with enough knowledge and the tools actually access any computer that is connected to the network. It can even block your computer from the network! Well, it’s bad. You can not use your own wireless network !! ??

First, print a network configuration page of the printer. You will need his information. Then log on to the router control panel in. This is almost always opened by a web browser and then after one of the two possible addresses ( or When a password window appears, you are right Position. Refer to your router’s documentation for the default password if you do not know it.

You will also be able to access your network to protect neighbors and passersby to access your network. Select the WEP encryption or wireless option.

To share your Internet connection, you need to connect your main computer (server) to the other computer (client) – this can be done with a crossover cable between the two network cards PC.

Click Apply to apply the changes and update the router. If the router has updated, go back to the Internet icon at the bottom right of the page and click on the left. You should have the new “Name (SSID)” as an Internet connection. When everything has gone according to plan, you can remove the cable and watch the internet, wireless style. It’s the only way to go!